Stephen Mulvenna – Senior Lean Practitioner, VFECTO

  • Presentation Title:

    Can you sustain LEAN without a Roadmap?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    As problem solvers we all love our Lean ‘tools & techniques’ …. however, after the initial sugar rush energy levels typically start to dwindle and change initiatives start to falter.

    Strategic change programmes are historically a challenge to businesses but a more balanced approach to implementing LEAN has a greater chance of success.

    The VFECTO Lean Roadmap exposes such a balanced approach ….

    Speaker Bio:

    Stephen has held technical and operational roles within the automotive, aerospace and industrial goods sectors. These roles have involved designing and implementing change programs across the supply chain to integrate people, partners and processes.
    Specifically over the last 10 years he has led and participated in Lean6sigma change programs utilising a balanced structured approach to engage people with change and improve the business performance.
    Prior to that Stephen initially qualified as a Chemical Engineer before moving into management, leadership and consultancy roles. During this career path he found the traditional engineering problem solving process was not sufficient to resolve the more complex issues involving people, processes and context, consequently he undertook an MBA to gain a better understanding how to analyse organizational change problems and synthesis a solution.
    Stephen has now taken his experience and knowledge into the consultancy field supporting and facilitating businesses to perform at a higher level. His hands on approach within industry has resulted in customer value exposure, value stream creation, material and information flow, customer demand management and continuous improvement capability.

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