Peter Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager, McAree Engineering

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    Peter Richardson – Sales and Marketing Manager, McAree Engineering

    Peter has worked in a variety of commercial roles in both the telecommunications and engineering services sectors; including business development, customer services, customer relationship management and Sales & Marketing.


    He has helped lead the lean transformation programme with McAree Engineering over the past 3 years.


    Presentation Title:

    Two Sides to Every Story – Lean Business Improvement from both the Client and Consultant point of view.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Darren Greenan, Lean Consultant from VFECTO Ltd, will introduce their Client, Peter Richardson from McAree Engineering, who will share some practical, real life examples of how the Enterprise Ireland Lean Transform program delivered real benefits for the company, and how they managed to maintain the development of their continuous improvement culture after the supported program was finished.

    This presentation offers a unique insight into a recent Lean Transformation Project undertaken in McAree Engineering supported by VFECTO. McAree Engineering are one of Ireland’s largest and most advanced sheet metal fabrication facilities, recently upgraded to include Powder Coating and Wet Spray Painting. Hear from both the consultant and the client as they highlight some of the key learnings from the program. An opportunity to learn from some of their mistakes, capitalise on some of the lessons they learned and ensure that your improvement programs for 2017 get off to a flying start. Speak to the VFECTO team at their exhibition stand here today. “


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