Nathan Nangle Technical Sales and Support Engineer LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd.

    • Nathan Nangle Technical Sales and Support Engineer LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd.'s presentations

    Speaker Bio: Nathan Nangle is a Technical sales and Support Engineer working on behalf of LVP Conveyor Systems Limited. He holds a Level 6 certificate in Mechanical Engineering, and a level 7 and level 8 in manufacturing engineering from Waterford Institute of Technology. He has a large mechanical background with various form of mechanical machinery and is leveraging this experience to benefit customers with new motor technologies for factory automation. He believes no matter what advances are made in factory automation, the end game is still moving products in production and manufacturing from A to B. Using the motor technologies he is demonstrating today he will show you how to improve your process in environments where motor technology under and up to 400 watts is needed.

    Presentation Title: Intelligent motor control and operation

    Presentation: The Presentation today will be focusing on introducing Oriental motor technology (the oldest motor manufacturer in japan) as a suitable application for many of your motor requirements in bespoke machinery and stand alone applications. The presentation will also discuss methods for motor failure prevention and how these products carry this out as part of their function

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