Michael Clancy – Director, FDT Consulting Engineers & Project Managers Ltd

    • Michael Clancy – Director, FDT Consulting Engineers & Project Managers Ltd's presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    Since 1995, I have worked as an Engineer and Consultant to Process clients across industry in a range of sectors including Brewing & Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Medical Devices and Galvanising.

    Experienced Consultant and Trainer in ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard and Cleaner Production/Resource Efficiency methods to Industrial and Process Clients. Working in the area of Resource Efficiency since 2001.

    Irish delegate to ISO Technical Committee 242 Energy Management as an expert in developing new ISO Standards for “Energy Audits” and “Measurement and Verification of Organizational Energy Performance”

    Lead Technical Assessor on 40 Process-Focused Energy Audits and ISO 50001, EN 16001 and IS 393 (Energy Management Systems Standard) Technical Gap Analyses and Assessments, where I assessed compliance to technical requirements of EnMS standards, established baseline energy usage and identified opportunities for energy savings through operational change, maintenance and repair initiatives and Capex Projects.

    Experienced in carrying out project feasibility studies and process capacity modelling across a range of industries.

    Has facilitated a Reliability Centred Maintenance Programme and the roll out of Preventative Maintenance Software solutions and training to sites in Europe, UK and Africa. I have project managed a global SAP-PM Business Process review and Training Development project for a Top 5 Pharmaceutical company.

    Specialties: Energy Management Systems Standards (ISO50001)Industrial Process Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficient Design
    Water Use Reduction
    Cleaner Production

    ERP & Asset Care Business Processes,
    ERP & Asset Care Software Systems Implementation
    ERP & Asset Care Systems Training.

    Software Solutions for Improving Energy, Water and Product Efficiency

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