Martin Delaney- IVI Technology Leader, NUIM

  • Presentation Title:

    Improving capability – How did we achieve major improvement in Manufacturing that can continued to be leveraged.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Over the past 40 years manufacturing have greatly improved its capability. How was this achieved and how does industry bring that capability into the digital age of manufacturing and business in general? The Innovation Value Institute in Maynooth University, with our international membership consortium invested over €15 M across the past 8 years to bring this knowledge into general availability – our Capability Maturity Framework. This presentation will walk through the measurable achievements of the past 40 years, including WCM and TQM, and bring that capability into the demands of industry today. The presentation will focus on understanding how improvements were and will be made through a structured process and framework. Building capability improvement in manufacturing was a torturous journey, but we learned how to do it in a shared and collaborative fashion. We need to bring that knowledge forward..!

    Speaker Bio:

    Martin Delaney, is General Manager of the international research centre in Maynooth University – the Innovation Value Institute (IVI). The IVI have built a very significant research capability into business improvement with a major focus on the role of technology in business improvement. IVI have an engaged membership of over 100 organisations, many the most influential internationally. Prior to that Martin worked as CEO and COO of several high profile organisations, including Fujitsu, Norkom, FPS Voyager, and most recently Original Solutions, acquired by Perot Systems, then Dell.

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