Martin Conroy – Senior Director, Continuous Improvement, Medtronic

    • Martin Conroy – Senior Director, Continuous Improvement, Medtronic's presentations

    Martin Conroy is Senior Director of Continuous Improvement for Medtronic’s Global Coronary/APV Operations. In this role, Martin has focused on unlocking the potential of Medtronic’s employees through the introduction of empowerment systems that connect directly to business value.  This type of lean system fosters organisational learning that creates opportunity for all functions, including HR, to discover and improve their connection to the value add. Martin is also a member of Medtronic’s Global Team set up to define a lean operating system and assessment criteria for Medtronic Worldwide Operations and in addition to Continuous Improvement, Martin is a member of the Senior Executive Staff in Galway.

    Before joining Medtronic Martin held a number of roles for companies in Ireland and the UK, including Program management, Operations management, R&D management, HR management and Business Development. Martin holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and a Masters degree in Engineering Science.

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