John Cosgrove- Technical Director, TEMPO, Limerick Institute of Technology

    • John Cosgrove- Technical Director, TEMPO, Limerick Institute of Technology's presentations

    Speaker Bio:

    As founder and Technical Director of the ACORN Research Centre at the Limerick Institute of Technology, John works closely with Industry, developing sustainable solutions for manufacturing and utility applications. As the primary investigator on the Total Energy Management for Production Operations (TEMPO) Project, he leads a multi-disciplinary team with international collaborative partners under the remit of the International Energy Research Centre (IERC). On EU Programmes, John is an expert in factory automation systems including Industry 4.0 and innovative manufacturing, such as; I4MS for SMEs and the Factories of the Future Initiative.

    Presentation Title:

    Energy Saving Opportunities in Manufacturing

    Presentation Synopsis:
    This presentation will outline an Enterprise Ireland research project on Energy Management in Manufacturing. The project developed a LEAN Value-Stream Methodology and software tool to identify significant energy consumers in production and to quantify energy saving opportunities through behavioural and operational change. Results from Pilot studies identified potential savings of 25-40% in electricity consumption in discrete manufacturing machines.

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