Jaap Piersma – Business Advisory Consultant, SAS

  • Jaap is a business advisory consultant at SAS Institute UK & Ireland and helps organisations understand the impact of making business decisions using advanced and predictive business analytics with a specific focus on the Manufacturing Supply Chain and Demand Forecasting .

    Prior to joining SAS, Jaap has held various positions in the IT industry as a Supply Chain Expert. He has led many projects to streamline the supply chain operations of major CPG companies such as Unilever, Heineken, Henkel, DAF, Iveco, Philips, AGCO, etc.  He understand the importance of a strong focus on forecasting and cost reduction within multi-national operations.

    He also gained strong experience in the aerospace industry having developed systems and management processes for the spare-parts operations that service a fighter jet.

    His 15 year experience as a Logistics Manager in the manufacturing industry gave him unique insight into the importance of effective inventory management, production planning, warehousing and procurement. During this time, he proved it was possible to reduce inventory levels by more than 50% and still reduce backorders by 99%.

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