Eoin O Riain- Read Out (Moderator)

  • Eoin Ó Riain became formally involved in instrumentation with Industrial Instruments Ltd (IIL) around 50 years ago and has been involved ever since. When IIL closed in 1987 he started publishing the specialist publication Read-out.


    Read-out the authoritative source of information and news in the instrumentation, control and automation community in Ireland. It has been published regularly for the last twenty six years. The name came from the house magazine of IIL. It is distributed by post to over 2000 named automation and instrumentation professionals throughout Ireland and a pdf copy is distributed further afield.


    The Internet

    In 1994 he started examining the internet as a means of communication and of publication and in 1995 the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost (read-out.net) was launched and was one of the first independent such resources on the world wide web. As use of the web exploded in the nineties so did the number of visitors to the site: from a few hundred a month in 1995 through 500 a week in 2000 to over 6000 a week today. He is an inveterate tweeter and may be followed @readoutSignpost.



    Ó Riain has been a member of ISA in Ireland since its foundation in 1977. He served as president of the section in 1984/5, serving during the period when the very first ISA International Exhibition outside of North America was held in the RDS.

    Internationally he has acted on several committees both at District 12 level (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and on the Publications Committee at society level. He was Vice President Publications of the worldwide Society for two years 2011-2012 asn he has also served on the Executive Committee. The Society has honoured him both locally as a recipient of the 2005 Instrument Pioneer Award and in 2007 he received the Society Golden Achievement Award.


    He is based in Baile na hAbhann in Conamara to where he moved in 2003 from Shankill in Co Dublin.


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