Dr Tofail Syed- Senior Lecturer Department of Physics & Energy, University of Limerick

    • Dr Tofail Syed- Senior Lecturer Department of Physics & Energy, University of Limerick's presentations

    Presentation Title:

    Materials and Measurements for Manufacturing

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Materials and Measurements are integral with Manufacturing and form the M3 triangle. New manufacturing concepts must consider the importance of these two so that structures, forms and devices manufactured are actually useful and do not run into a ‘house-of cards’ type situation. After setting the context within the premises of state-of the art manufacturing practices, a few case studies on multi-sectoral materials and metrology research in the speaker’s group  will be presented. These case-studies have been selected based on the engagement  of Irish companies in the speaker’s research in last 10 years. The talk will then outline the critical importance of materials and measurements in the emerging Manufacturing 4.0 initiative.

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr Tofail Syed works at the Department of Physics and Energy of the University of Limerick and is a member of its Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI). He received his Bachelors and Masters in Metallurgical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and a PhD in Physics from the University of Limerick. In 2002, he joined the MSSI as a postdoctoral fellow specialising on molecular modelling and surface characterisation. Dr. Syed has been prolific in manufacturing and measuring materials of diverse kinds, origins and applications. He is one of the internationally recognised experts in Ireland for surface and interfacial characterisation and engineering of biomedical devices. He has been working closely with Irish biomedical and manufacturing industry in developing new materials and products and trouble-shooting problems related to materials, surface and interfaces. He has led two European Commission FP7 projects and participated in another two. One of these projects, LANIR (www.lanir.eu) has developed super-resolution chemical nanoscopes that can potentially revolutionise biomedical spectro-imaging. His research has saved millions of euros in production yields, developed new generation medical alloys and automobile controllers, discovered new properties in conventional ceramics and developed new tools and methodologies for industrial metrology. He has collaborated with over 70 academic, industrial and public organisations in Ireland, Europe, Israel and the USA.

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