David Crowley- Director of Independent Financial Consultants & Director, Crossflow Payments

    • David Crowley- Director of Independent Financial Consultants & Director, Crossflow Payments's presentations

    What is Crossflow Payments?
    Crossflow Payments has been operating in the UK since 2010 and launched operations in Ireland in 2015. We provide companies with an end-to-end supply chain finance solution that they can in turn offer to their suppliers. The finance is provided at much more competitive rates than suppliers can currently raise finance themselves.
    Crossflow can offer a company’s suppliers this lower rate of finance by leveraging the stronger credit rating of the company – typically at a third of the cost of traditional finance sources.
    We help companies to optimize their supply chain working capital while enhancing their relationship their suppliers.

    How Does it Work?
    Crossflow’s secure cloud-based, integrated e-invoicing and finance
    platform is rolled out to a company and their suppliers. A typical finance platform implementation takes only 30 days. The IT implementation requires minimal resources & time from the company and its suppliers. The suppliers submit their invoice on the system. Once approved by the Company; the invoice approval is sent electronically to the supplier along with an offer of finance. If the supplier decides to take up the finance offer, the funds are transferred the next day.
    How is Crossflow Payments Funded?
    • Commercial banks, family offices, SRI funds, hedge funds, and government funds all commit funds to the platform. Crossflow’s cumulative value of  invoices financed reached £1.3bn in 2015 and continues to grow very rapidly.

    We had over £2.1bn of invoices on the system by the end of 2015.
    For more information please contact David Crowley on:
    ?: dcrowley@crossflowpayments.ie
    ?: +353-1-685-3250

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