Dave Pearson – Director at Star Renewable Energy

  • Following over 30MW of industrial heatpump installations including the 14MW 90C system in Drammen in Norway Star Refrigeration Ltd have formed a new business unit to focus on this market.

    I was asked to lead this unit and was delighted to accept. The opportunity of working in such an important segment at such an interesting time backed by the considerable technical and commercial resources of the main business made this an opportunity worth stepping into despite my role as Director of Innovation having been superbly enjoyable.

    This would not have come to pass if it wasn’t for the incredible commitment of all my colleagues in Star and associates outside. All of whom continue to inspire and encourage in what does seem like an uphill struggle sometimes but one that will reap dividends across the world as we move to a method of heating that is more equitable in every sense. In cost of fuel, in carbon footprint, in local jobs, in reduced imports of fossil fuel, in cleaner air; large heatpumps reaching over 70C have the ability to heat pretty much any building or group of buildings.

    Whether the heat comes from rivers, or seas, or data centres or industrial waste streams, a future where this energy is harnessed rather than burning “new” fuel is a better one.

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