Dave Clarke- Chief Data Scientist, Asystec Limited

  • Presentation Title:

    ‘Leveraging IOT data for real business value – a practical approach for industry 4.0.’

    Presentation Synopsis:

    There are incredible business opportunities possible by harnessing the massive data sets generated in the machine to machine and person to machine hyper connected IoT world. The apparent dampened speed of adoption of IoT technologies could well be due to 1. The difficulty of finding the right collaboration in OT and IT in manufacturing organisations, 2. The difficulty of picking the analytical use case that will show the right Return on Investment for a large technology investment and 3, The difficulty in finding the right collaborative partners that will work together across OT and IT to provide a programmatic approach to IoT advancement in both OT and IT. This presentation will outline the methodology that Asystec has developed to provide customers with a low-cost, low-risk, business led development methodology for IoT initiatives, together with some current projects being worked on and some lessons learned on the success characteristics on these types of projects.

    Speaker Bio:

    Dave Clarke is the Chief Data Scientist at Asystec, where he develops the company strategy for big data analytics service development for customers. He also heads up the data analytics division and data science practice. Previously, Dave worked with EMC where he consulted one-to-one with senior business executives across Europe, Middle East and Africa and set up multi-disciplinary teams in the data warehouse and business intelligence solutions space. Dave has over 20 years of experience in data science roles, software architecture and management consulting across multiple domains including manufacturing, retail, utilities, healthcare, banking and insurance. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Computing from the University of Limerick and a Masters of Science degree in Technology Management from University College Cork. Dave is also PMI PMP and PMI ACP accredited.

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