• Cathal Murtagh – Smart Factory Founder & CMO OEE, IoT, IIoT, BI, MES, ERP, SIEMENS DIGITAL FACTORY, TURCKBANNER, AUTOID's presentations

    I am a results orientated, strategic and methodical sales professional with over twenty years experience in delivering customer solutions with quantifiable ROI to blue chip multinational companies.

    Over the years I have developed a very collaborative approach with customers delivering on all their requirements pre and post sales which has enabled me to develop enduring customer relationships. I am also known for my leadership characteristics in leading and empowering both sales and marketing teams to be highly effective and successful teams. With a proven track record of developing business and delivering significant year-on-year growth achieving sustained profitability with powerful direction and strategic goal achievement. Integrity is everything to me, my word is my honour using my experience and passion in delivering effective customer solutions.

    As a Sales and Marketing Director, my role is to bring solutions to aid compliance and operational efficiency in pharmaceutical, medical device, food manufacturing and general manufacturing by providing innovative and technologically advanced solutions to the market. My ethos is to never oversell, stick to our core competences and always over deliver. I hold a strong understanding of the importance of creating and nurturing relationships with clients through the use of high-quality communication skills – most notably active listening and effective communication of objectives. I have gained vast experience in both Systems Integration of hardware and software solutions sales. I have managed several sales and marketing teams with professional leadership and effective communication of objectives. I also initiated a very successful graduate program where I personally mentored each individual sales graduate to become a competent sales professionals.

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