Isis Automation

What’s in a name? Particularly nowadays!

isisautomation is an acronym for industrial system integration and solutions for automation. We are first and foremost, an Si (system integrator) which is at the core of what we do, and thus is at the center of our name!! The word solutions came from so many times having conversations with automation users asking “Is this possible” or “Can you?” or “Do you have a way of?” Our answer has always been “With automation systems everything is possible, between us we can get the Solution”

isisautomation Ltd was registered in 2010 as a provider of industrial system integration and solutions for automation, tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements. Its founder has been an Si for almost 20 years in various guises, from Commissioning Engineer to Trainer, and Sales to Troubleshooting, has worked in and around numerous manufacturing and processing industries and has extensive processing  and system experience, all which have been applied to the many and varied projects undertaken. See the list below of the systems, companies and industries experience. Is your company there?   Our unique skills and way of thinking are increasing performance and profitability in the manufacturing and processing sector, focusing  on the reduction of energy consumption while maximizing throughput. You bring the process knowledge and what you want to change and we will automate it.

We are System Thinkers!

Working closely with our customers we provide complete life cycle system solutions including:• system design, • Software and hardware configuration, • system integration, start up and commissioning. • Optimization and mode change • Onsite service and support • 24/7/365 system thinking support!!

Industry Knowledge:

Bio pharma (pilot and full scale)  •  Chemical manufacture  •  Chiller and boiler control  •  Clean-room air systems • Food and confectionery manufacturing  •  Gas compression stations  •  Humidification control  •  Office  H-VAC systems  •  Oil and gas off and onshore production   •  Power generation  •  Ore mining and processing plants  •  Utility water systems  •  Waste Water treatment plants  •

Industry Names:

Arch Chemicals  •  Astra-Evangelista  •  A.I.O.C.  •  Aughinish Alumina  •  Bristol Myers Squibb  •  Buckeye  •  Cadburys  •  Coca-Cola  •  Dublin Water  •  Eli Lilly  •  F.M.C.  •  Genzyme  •  GlaxoSmithKline  •  Gypsum Industries  •  Harmac Medical  •  Info Labs  •  Intel  •   Lisheen Mines •  Maersk Oil  •  PetroBras  •  Pfizer  •  Proctor & Gamble  •  Quarun Oil  •  UDV  •  U.M.I.C.  •  Viet-So



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