Plant Safety is paramount and Fike is your natural partner when it comes to Over Pressure protection, Explosion Protection and Fire protection systems.

Over Pressure Protection and Rupture Disc’s

Overpressure or vacuum events can be devastating, leading to personal injury, damaged equipment and downtime. Fike’s Rupture Discs offer an affordable solution; with hygienic sanitary grade options available. From protecting a single PRV to your complete process line, Fike’s products are a critical part of your strategy.

 Explosion Protection

Most Dusts are explosive. During the manufacturing process certain conditions may occur causing these dusts to Explode. Fike manufacture the largest range of Active and passive Explosion Protection equipment available across Europe. Fike have the capability to design and supply a bespoke Explosion Protection system from in house, Fike design supply and provide onsite support for passive venting through to fully active Isolation and Suppression systems.

Fire Protection

Fike Fire protection the SigniFire camera is ground breaking technology and can detect fires long before standard detection equipment, Once detected this can be extinguished via the many options including clean & chemical agents, or water-mist quenching systems.

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