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    Presentation Title:

    Achieving Lean through Cultural Change
    Presentation Synopsis:

    Quite often organization focus in implementing many of the Lean tools available, yet neglect to develop and nurture a Lean culture within the organization. In the Automotive industry, the main focus is placed on the people. It’s the people who bring the system to life: working, communicating, resolving issues, and growing together. It has been said by the originators at Toyota that 80% of the journey to lean is learning and living the new philosophy, and 20% is changing things physically to accommodate the new way of thinking. In this presentation we will detail how Lean Culture is lived out on a daily basis in the Automotive sector though a robust Lean Production System, and we will look at the framework that makes it happen. We will also look at how the same principles can be applied to organizations from other sectors through the EFQM model.
    Speaker Bio:

    William has extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing having spent 20 year with Ford Motor Company in their Material Handling and Manufacturing Operations. He has contributed to the implementation of improvements to the Ford Production System, and has actively been involved in the day to day implementation of the Lean Culture at the Valencia Assembly Plant in South America though employee involvement and engagement.

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