Tagh Henderson, Managing Director, Profitsflow, Ireland.

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    With 20 years’ experience delivering ERP solutions to the Irish manufacturing sector, Tadhg has been involved as both project team member and project manager in hundreds of ERP system implementations ranging in scale from small companies employing less than 10 people right up to multinational organisations with a centralised system deployed across many countries and continents.  During that time he has seen the evolution of ERP moving from “thick” client software with minimal server requirements through client/server software and onto the cloud and hybrid platforms many companies are deploying today.

    Title: Cloud or On-premises ERP? You can change your mind later!

    Synopsis: The question facing many businesses is whether to choose an online or on-premises deployment model for their ERP deployment.  Many want to go to the cloud, but the potential snowballing cost over time combined with the inherent risk of the effect losing internet connectivity, even temporarily cause them to go with an on-premises solution.  But what about choosing a solution that is interchangeable between the two?  Start on-premises with the ability to move to the cloud in the future, or start with a cloud solution, changing if necessary to on-premises? We explore how this can be done and how companies can start implementing ERP at minimal cost.

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