Sean Lyons, Project Manager, TSSG, WIT

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    Sean Lyons graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and has also attained an MBA from the University of Limerick. He has extensive experience in the development of high tech products, business development and the management of people and processes in that field.  Having been involved in and managed many high tech projects, Sean is now developing a smart grid product in Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunication, Software and Systems Group (TSSG) called SECO which optimises flexible load with the market and on-site generation. Sean also has his own renewable energy company to develop projects in this growing sector. Spark Renewables is involved in developing green site wind energy projects in the UK in a sector which involves the installation of mid range wind turbines in rural locations. He is also involved in distributed generation/autoproduction consultancy in Ireland.


    Presentation Title:

    Smart Energy Cluster Optimisation (SECO)

    Presentation Synopsis:

    SECO is targeted at industrial clients who have relatively high energy usage and have a degree of flexibility as to when they consume it – ie they may have some element of storage within their system (such as thermal loads) or may be able to build up work in progress. In such cases, this may allow some flexibility as to when energy is consumed on site. The price of electricity changes on the wholesale market every half hour and can vary up to a factor of 5-10 times in any one day. SECO will model the loads of production plants and will predict the amount of energy required to meet the production schedule. It will also receive feeds in advance as to the predicted electrical price variations and will optimise the production schedule to suit the best tariffs – consume when cheap and turn down when expensive. This can only be done when there is some flexibility in the production schedule which cement plants often have. SECO also caters for on site energy such as wind turbines and optimises its output against the sites load.


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