Ray Armstrong- Managing Director, RaymondBrian Strategies

    • Ray Armstrong- Managing Director, RaymondBrian Strategies's presentations

    Presentation Title:

    “The importance of an ICT strategy … now more than ever”

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The presentation will aim to impart business leaders, MDs and CEOs with knowledge to assess their current Information and Communications Technology strategies (ICT) and highlight evolving areas of ICT that can have a positive business impact.

    The ICT world changes rapidly, changes have occurred in recent times that are very pertinent to how ICT can be managed now and in the future.

    These changes (including the use of cloud technologies and services) are very beneficial to businesses today, approaches to disaster recovery and business continuity have also advanced. The ICT communications landscape has also changed bringing with it cost savings.

    The presentation will be vendor and technology agnostic and will be an honest reflection of what is currently happening within the ICT industry and how advancements in ICT service delivery can assist a business. The presentation will be conducting using business as opposed to IT speak.

    Speaker Bio:

    Ray is an innovative and adaptable international ICT executive with a highly effective mix of ICT and business skills. He has a proven track record of implementing IT strategies, increasing operational efficiencies, controlling project costs and time-frames and implementing technology initiatives to support enterprise objectives.

    His expertise is in ICT strategy, program management and project management. Ray has gained considerable experience in the development, deployment and management of mission critical international ICT infrastructures.

    Ray has over 15 years’ international ICT experience in varying industries including pharma, medical device, manufacturing and professional services.

    Ray is currently MD of RaymondBrian Strategies who provide IT Director services including strategy, project and vendor management. RaymondBrian Strategies are completely independent and technology agnostic; using their knowledge and experience, they work closely with businesses to find the right solution with the right partner. Utilising their independence, enterprise approach and experience, RaymondBrian Strategies save businesses time, cost and effort.

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