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    RGC Technologies provide flexible software solutions for :

    – Facilities, Asset Management and Maintenance
    – Engineering and Construction Job Costing & Project Management
    – Purchasing, Supplier and Contractor Management
    – Workforce Management, CRM and Time-Billing
    – PC, Internet, Mobile Phone and Tablet Solutions

    Presentation Title:

    Getting started with the “Internet of Things”

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The ‘Internet Of Things’ (IOT) is here and it is growing fast.  In simple terms, it is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet (so that you can turn it on or off, for example).  It has the potential to impact your life and also how you work.

    This practical demonstration will show you how to get started with the ‘Internet Of Things’, with a number of simple and low cost devices, which you can now buy in your local shops or online.

    My aim is to help you to start using the ‘Internet of Things’ today.

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