Paddy Sweeney- Managing Director,Retrofit Energy Ireland Limited

    • Paddy Sweeney- Managing Director,Retrofit Energy Ireland Limited's presentations

    Presentation Title:

    “Energy Savings as a  Lever for Improved Corporate Social Responsibility”.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    As an Obligated Party under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, Enprova are required to become actively involved in aiding and incentivise organisations to achieve energy savings, and maximise their effect. One aspect of maximising the effect of these savings is to incorporate your CSR commitments into the mix.  By working closely with our clients we tailor schemes to suit their needs. Clients achieve their energy savings and at the same time can address their company role within community and their employee’s well-being.  Our presentation will outline some examples of how these schemes can be tailored to an individual company’s needs.

    Speaker Bio:

    Paddy Sweeney is Managing Director of Retrofit Energy Ireland Limited. Paddy is a qualified Quantity Surveyor and with over 13 years’ experience in the construction industry in both Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Contracts Management.

    He holds Masters, BSc and Diploma qualifications in Construction Economics and Project Management. He has been Managing Director of REIL since its inception and has a hands on Management role in all aspects of the business. Under his stewardship REIL have become the largest private company to deliver Energy Savings under the Energy Efficiency Obligations Scheme accounting for over half of all energy Savings achieved on the scheme to date.

    Prior to taking up this role he was Director of Operations of the largest retrofit company in Ireland, and has vast experience of delivering construction projects for various public and private clients ranging in value from €40m to €1m.



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