Niall Fenelon – Senior Procurement Consultant, Bristol-Myers Squibb

    • Niall Fenelon – Senior Procurement Consultant, Bristol-Myers Squibb's presentations

    Niall Fenelon is a highly experienced Chartered Engineer (FIEI) with nearly 30 years experience across a diverse range of engineering and infrastructural projects in Ireland and the U.K.

    Throughout his career, he has worked primarily in the procurement and management of large interdisciplinary construction projects, most recently in the pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries.

    Niall possess a high degree of proficiency in the project and commercial management of large and technically challenging multidisciplinary projects.

    He possess a high degree of expertise in the production and review of contract documents in addition to contract negotiations, dispute resolution (including direct experience of conciliation and arbitration) and the negotiation of final accounts.

    He is extremely well-versed in all aspects of contract administration (VO’s, procedures, payments, etc.) and have extensive claims experience, having provided specialist claims support services to a number of international clients.

    In addition to a primary degree in civil engineering, Niall has also gained additional post graduate qualifications in accounting and finance, in environmental engineering and in construction law and arbitration. He has a Masters Degree from in Engineering Contracts and was awarded a general law degree in 2004 and he is currently studying part time for a Post Graduate Diploma in Adjudication in the UCD School of Law.

    Niall is familiar, and have worked extensively, with the main forms of Contract currently in use in Ireland including the GCCC, IEI3, MF1, FIDIC Red, Yellow and Green books, GDLA, JCT, RIAI as well as various other bespoke forms of contracts.

    He has previously lectured in UCD at post graduate level in a number of subjects including EU public procurement, engineering contracts and construction/contract law.

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