Neasa Kane-Fine – Director, RPS Project Communications

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    Speaker Bio:

    Neasa Kane-Fine, Director of RPS Project Communications since 2008, has over 20 years’ experience
    in devising and delivering environmental campaigns in the areas of water, waste, climate change and
    biodiversity and managing communications for major infrastructure developments. She delivers
    public consultations to inform policy and infrastructure developments in the areas of water,
    wastewater, transport and energy and is an Expert Witness at planning oral hearings.
    RPS is Ireland’s leading integrated consultancy firm of Engineering, Environment, Planning, Project
    Management and Project Communications experts in Ireland with offices in Dublin, Cork and
    Galway. This integrated approach to project development provides Neasa and her Project
    Communications team with strong technical insight and appreciation of project management.
    Neasa Kane-Fine is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (FPRII), a Member of the PRII
    National Council and a Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MMII).

    Presentation Title:

    Becoming more sustainable: overcoming communications challenges

    Presentation Synopsis:

    To achieve our EU and Government climate change targets we need public acceptance, change in
    how we think, and change in how we behave. Ensuring we can and do build infrastructure to
    become more sustainable involves generating a sense of national responsibility, civic mindedness
    and forging respectful relationships with the various audiences and stakeholders to create
    awareness, inform project development and generate understanding of what’s happening.

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