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    • Mr Michael Clancy BE (Ag. &Food) MIEI ACIBSE

    Michael started in the Dairy Industry, has been with FDT as a consultant since 1998 and has been involved in Sustainability Projects since 2002. He has worked closely with SEAI and the EPA for both Industrial and Public Sector Assignments.  Michael has lead Energy Audits and Energy Efficient Design (EED) reviews for Irish and International clients and was part of the Project team who developed IS399:2014.

    Presentation Title:

    – Energy Efficient Design for Industry

    Presentation Synopsis:

    This seminar will look at the principles of Energy Efficient Design (EED) and how this can be applied to projects across industry.  We will reference case studies where savings of the order of 20% have been made in Energy and Water usage through the application of an EED.  This  process has been codified in IS399:2014 Energy Efficient Design Management, and Michael was part of the NSAI led team that developed the standard. FDT have experience in applying EED across a range of projects in Breweries, Distilleries, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry, as well as in Water and Waste Water Treatment.  We have worked closely with SEAI on their EXEED Certification Programme for Excellence in Energy Efficient Design.

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