Lorna McDowell MA FRSA – Innovation Team Coach/ Author of Systemic Team Coaching methodology, CEO of Xenergie Consulting

    • Lorna McDowell MA FRSA – Innovation Team Coach/ Author of Systemic Team Coaching methodology, CEO of Xenergie Consulting's presentations


    Presentation Title:
    Innovating through Teams – Understanding and Enabling Cultural Shift from a Systemic Perspective

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The next decade will see more change than ever before.  Cultural transformation is a necessity for innovation, not an option.  Deep change brings many challenges, many of which are unacknowledged, because they’re complex, intangible, difficult to express or simply difficult to face.  This participative session will provide some signposts on  how coaching teams can leverage profound transformation, by creating conditions where the deeper factors around culture can be accessed and worked with to allow innovation to flow.

    Speaker Bio:

    Lorna is the founder of Xenergie a young and progressive organisation that has been pioneering new ways to help companies innovate and upgrade their cultural capacity for adapting to big change through transformational teamwork. Headquartered in Ireland, Xenergie’s reputation has growing internationally through the development of its Systemic Team Coaching methodology which it teaches and consults on to a range of organisations, notably in the manufacturing sector.
    Lorna’s strength lies in facilitating the environment and process for transformation and innovation through learning about collaboration, dialogue and ideation, whilst working on their change as they learn, thereby generating practical actionable strategies for growth. She is also passionate about what business can learn from the around them `– many of Xenergie’s techniques are grounded in deep observation of what is happening in the “now” and take executives into unexpected locations that inspire and stretch leaders to tackle big challenges and think beyond their current reality and comfort zone.
    She brings over 20 years experience in developing senior managers and teams at the most senior level, through coaching techniques – succession grooming, turnaround, identifying efficiencies, strategy and more, for international organisations across all sectors, and notably in life sciences, technology, financial services, manufacturing and FMCG. Prior to starting Xenergie, she spent many years as a senior manager responsible for international corporate communications and marketing management, within the technology sector, with significant involvement in cultural integration programmes for M&A and global brand building. During this time she had the opportunity to study innovation and inspiration in many different settings around the world and gathered her insights into the developing of Xenergie’s Systemic Team Coaching method.
    Lorna holds a Masters in Organisation Analysis and Leadership from the Grubb Institute/University of London, a Diploma in Cognitive and Humanistic Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Coaching Supervision from the University of Middlesex, amongst many other coaching and business qualifications, including Henley Management School, UK.   She is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a teacher of Kundalini yoga, qualified by the international Karam Kriya School.
    Lorna McDowell can be contacted at lorna.mcdowell@xenergie.com

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