Liam Cassidy – Managing Director, LCL Consult Ltd.

  • Liam Cassidy has amassed over 35 years experience managing manufacturing operations, improving supply chains, and developing suppliers. His work, specialising in turning around poor performing operations has been recognised by his peers, and acknowledged by major international institutes and journals. Commencing his career with General Motors in the UK, he gained experience in several operational roles and rose to become a senior Operations Manager implementing Lean Manufacturing Practices. He went on to become the leading General Manager of Lean Practices with Gillette and Proctor & Gamble, creating benchmark sites in Ireland, mainland Europe, USA, India and China.  The common thread has been the application of Lean principles – without compromise supported by the right kind of leadership

    He has had numerous article published that focussed on Leadership and the critical roles played by managers at all levels.

    He was first introduced to Lean Practices in the 1980’s when he was awarded a scholarship by the European Union to study Japanese Manufacturing techniques, the sole representative of Ireland.  In 2009, after a distinguished career, he left Proctor & Gamble to form his own company, LCL. (Leading Change through Lean) He now provides action-based consultancy support to organizations across Europe, Asia and USA.

    He has bases in Dublin and Shanghai

    Contact details: Tel: 086 9719759

     China: Tel: M: 86 13681962687  T: 86 21 5118 8087  F: 86 21 5118 8089


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