Ken Harney- MSc Safety Specialist, Teck Ireland

  • Presentation Title:

    Leadership and safety excellence

    Presentation Synopsis:

    In Ireland workplace accidents cost the economy approximately €3 billion per annum. There are many ways to increase safety performance and many reasons why a good safety performance is important. Research has shown that effective leadership is one of the ways to improve safety performance and help an organisation work towards achieving safety excellence.

    Leadership has been shown to be both a function of those in formally appointed leadership positions and employees. However, more than one leadership style is required to achieve excellence in safety and senior personnel must lead by example and empower employees to be leaders through safety citizenship behaviours. A combination of transactional and empowering leadership from those in official leadership positions built on a solid safety management system is required. A safety excellence model which was developed as a result of research I carried out demonstrates this. As the model will show trust relationships between those in formally appointed leadership positions and employees is vital for an organisation to achieve safety excellence.

    Speaker Bio:

    I am a Health and Safety Specialist for Teck Ireland Ltd. having full responsibility for the management of health and safety in Ireland with contractor management, health and safety training, occupational hygiene and risk management some of my main duties. I hold an MSc in Health Safety and Risk Management after successfully completing 3 years of study through distance learning at RGU in Aberdeen, Scotland. I am a qualified Marine Engineer holding a Diploma in the discipline and worked for Maersk UK for two years on-board ship. I also hold a certificate in Health, Safety and Welfare at Work. During the 8.5 years in my current role I have worked overseas at one Canada’s largest copper mines called Highland Valley Copper and in Namibia auditing a Teck exploration project and carrying out training with field crews and contractors.

    Safety is more than a job to me, it is my passion because I truly believe that all serious incidents are preventable and that every person should go home safe and healthy every day.




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