Fidelma Callanan Head of Marketing & Business Development Synecco Ltd

    • Fidelma Callanan Head of Marketing & Business Development Synecco Ltd's presentations

    Fidelma Callanan is Head of Marketing & Business Development at Synecco Ltd and has over 20 years’ experience working in the pharma and medtech sectors in senior management roles in business development, marketing, strategic planning and communications.  She has worked for a number of multinationals including Alkermes and Elan Corporation. Her qualifications include MBA, Graduateship from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and B. Ed

    Title: Winning Strategies in the Evolving Contract Manufacturing Medtech Market


    As OEMs are doubling down on innovation, they’re asking more of their contract partners. Increasingly, device makers are outsourcing everything from front-end design, on to manufacturing through to back-end services including warehousing, distribution, and regulatory assistance. For contract service providers, what strategies should be pursued to feed medtech industry demands?


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