Dr William R Magill, Director, Wavelength Consulting Ltd, UK.

    • Dr William R Magill, Director, Wavelength Consulting Ltd, UK.'s presentations

    Dr Magill is an independent consultant who has worked with some of the world’s largest corporations, guiding them through the Technology, Process and Organisational aspects of implementing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and associated technologies. His experience covers a diverse range of industries, including Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Utilities, Consumer Electronics and Financial Services.

    Presentation Title:Product Lifecycle Management – Optimising through Design, Manufacturing and Support.

    Synopsis: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a mature methodology for optimising businesses across their full lifecycle. Typically this includes Design, Manufacturing, Procurement and Support but can also incorporate other functions such as Marketing and Decommissioning.

    In this presentation Dr Magill will outline the key principles of PLM and describe how it addresses the challenges of reducing cost, lead time and risk whilst improving product quality by developing an information and process backbone that integrates historically discrete business functions.

    Additionally Dr Magill will discuss the key challenges of PLM implementation and highlight some of the critical factors in successful implementation.

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