Dr. Paul Cummins- MD, Sea Change

  • Presentation Title:

    Going Beneath the Surface: An exploratory investigation into the attitudes leading to unsafe behaviours within a food processing multinational organisation.

    Presentation Synopsis: 

    Paul will be looking at the core human beliefs and attitudes that lead to unsafe behaviours in the workplace based on theoretical knowledge and evidence based research. Paul will then examine ways in which organisations can increase safe behaviours in the workplace through engagement methods, transparent communication and establishing real local ownership from the ground up. Paul will present real-world case studies as examples of best practice behavioural interventions leading to behavioural breakthroughs and improved safety results.

    Speaker Bio: 

    Paul is Managing Director at SeaChange; a company that designs and implements Risk Management solutions to increase safety performance and results in organisations. Paul has a BA in psychology, an MSc in performance psychology and an MBA where his focus was on leading employee behaviour change through engagement practices. His psychology and business qualifications have led to extensive experience working with a range of professionals in enhancing their safety performance through practical means. “I have a huge interest in cutting-edge leadership – how effective leaders excel at motivating people – and the whole basis of our SeaChange approach is around building trust and value from the ground up, which is transformational leadership. Our interventions are deceptively simple, but they always involve and engage people at every level, and that is why we are recording sustainable positive results.” In 2013 Paul completed his PhD in Organisational Leadership and Group Dynamics. Paul’s MBA thesis was published as a book in 2011: “The Effectiveness of Health & Safety Communication Practices: A Qualitative Investigation of the Effectiveness of H&S Communication Practices through Engagement.”


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