Dr Amaya Vega- Research Fellow, Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit (SEMRU), NUI Galway

    • Dr Amaya Vega- Research Fellow, Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit (SEMRU), NUI Galway's presentations

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    This presentation shows preliminary results from an on-going research project where we analyse the transport mode and route preferences of Irish manufacturers when shipping goods to Continental Europe. We use an efficient discrete choice experiment to model the impact of various transport attributes on the final Irish manufacturers’ choice of shipping mode/route. In particular, we consider the decision to be made between two routes; one in which goods are shipped to the continent via the UK landbridge and the other in which goods are shipped direct to the continent without UK passage. Generally, these two routes are associated with contrasting levels of service in terms of reliability. The degree to which exporters are willing to make trade-offs in terms of variation in service attribute is of particular interest in this study, as it is envisaged that increased congestion and emissions levies within the UK are likely to reduce the competitiveness of the UK landbridge option, and increase demand on the direct service route. Results from this study will contribute to the understanding of the demand for international freight transport services in Ireland to continental Europe and will assist in estimating the potential impact of road-freight taxation on the logistics competitiveness of the export sector in Ireland. This research is funded by the Marine Institute through the Beaufort Marine Socio-Economic Research Award, with the support if the Irish maritime Development Office (IMDO).

    Speaker Bio:

    Amaya is a research fellow in the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit (SEMRU) at NUI Galway. She holds a Ph.D. from University College Dublin, Ireland (Economics, 2007). Her research interests include marine and maritime economics, the effects of transport on regional development, the assessment of the sustainability of transport systems and the analysis of transport demand. Amaya has experience in the development of socio-economic indicators for sustainability and accessibility in a transport context. Since joining SEMRU in July 2012, Amaya has been involved in the assessment of methodologies for the valuation of Ireland’s ocean economy and its impact on the national economy

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