Dr. Abdel Hakeem Hammad, S Sigma MBB

  • An internationally recognized thought leader and expert in developing and implementing Operational Excellence programs with undisputed break-through improvement results.
    Dr. Hammad knows what it takes to create a world-class Enterprise in today’s competitive economy. He has more than 20 years of experience spanning Strategic planning, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, Services, Sales, Project management and change management across various industries including Medical devices, Electronics, Logistics, Food and Beverage Industry.
    Currently the President & CEO for Xi Horizons Consulting, an internationally recognized consulting firm for its capability to deliver sustainable business results as well as developing high performing teams. Current clients include; ABBOTT VASCULAR Worldwide, ABBOTT Nutrition Worldwide and Nestle Middle East. He trained coached teams worldwide to design and implement world-class Production Lines, High Performance Labs as well as visual management Factory.
    During the course of his career, Hakeem served as the Global Business Excellence Director with Boston Scientific where he created a unified Lean approach for significant process improvement across three Geographies. He also developed a standardized Kaizen approach for rapid improvement that resulted in a major improvement and real cost savings.

    Dr. Hammad worked also for several years with Dell Computers as Business Process Improvement Senior Manager. He was one of the architects of Dell’s BPI program and was the first to achieve Master Black Belt certification (externally accredited) for Dell EMEA (Europe Middle east and Africa) where he trained, coached and certified a significant number of Dell BPI Black Belts. He also was the Lean Champion for Dell worldwide.

    Dr. Hammad has a degree in Mathematics & Statistics, MSC in Industrial & applied Math and Ph.D. in Computer Applications.

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