Dermot Brabazon- Associate Professor, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, DCU

    • Dermot Brabazon- Associate Professor, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, DCU's presentations

    Presentation Title:

    Recent Additive Manufacturing Research at the Advanced Processing Technology Research Centre, Dublin City University.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    A significant amount of research work on the development of 3D printed microfluidic devices has been undertaken and is on-going within the group. This includes development of new 3D microfluidic devices for separation and detection of phosphates and nitrates in water, cafestol in coffee as a LSD indicator, alkylbenzenes for production control, BPA for carcinogen detection, as well as dyes and bacteria in water sources for pollution control. Bioseparation and detection have included proteins for production control, DNA for pathogen identification, and biomarkers such as HPV strand ratios for cancer detection. In other recent work, the centre is currently running projects on the development of 3D printed dies for embossing and stamping applications, the development of metal powder for 3D printing, and the mixing of graphene and reduced graphene oxide with metal powders to produce increased strength metal matrix composites. This talk will present an overview of the capabilities and usage of the newest additive manufacturing equipment for such applications.

    Speaker Bio:

    Dermot Brabazon received his BEng (Mechanical Engineering) and PhD (Materials Science) from University College Dublin. From 1995 to 2000 he worked with Materials Ireland, a state materials science research centre. He was appointed as a lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Dublin City University (DCU) at the start of 2000, promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2006, Deputy Head of School in 2007, to Associate Dean for Research in 2009, and to Professor in 2014. In recognition of his academic achievements and contributions to development of engineering technologies, he was conferred with the President’s Award for Research in 2009 and he was appointed as Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering in 2015. He is currently Director for the Advanced Processing Technology Research Centre at DCU. He has published over 200 internationally peer reviewed papers. His research is focused in the areas of materials and processing technologies and based on the pillars of Additive Manufacturing, Near Net Shape Forming, Laser Processing and Separation Science. These overlapping activities are focused toward the development of advanced processing technologies to enable the improved efficiency and quality of production technologies for the benefit of MNC and SME companies, and the broader society. Details of his research can be found at the following links:

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