Brad Allen- MBA, BSc, Adv.Dip. E&P Coaching, Simply Effective

    • Brad Allen- MBA, BSc, Adv.Dip. E&P Coaching, Simply Effective's presentations

    Presentation Title:

    “Helping employees understand what is needed to bring them further success.”

     Presentation Synopsis:

    In this learning and development oriented talk, Brad Allen will share an insight into what can be done to keep high performers performing and also how high performers can perform even better.

    Speaker Bio:

    Brad is an Executive Coach with an interest in leadership performance. His aim is to help simplify the job of leading. Brad’s focus is on awareness and execution, specifically helping individuals, businesses and teams optimise how they think and act so they are succeeding further.
    Brad is an accredited practitioner with the EMCC and he subscribes to the EMCC Diversity Policy and Code of Ethics (see
    Brad also holds an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Science degree, and Brad is certified with The British Psychological Society for Psychometric Testing.
    Brad’s approach draws on his 20 years of professional experience as well as the tried and tested methods from a number of thought leaders including: Peter Drucker, David Allen, Dr. David Rock, Marshall Goldsmith, Dr. Mark Goulston, Eckhart Tolle, Greg McKeown, Daniel Goleman, Timothy Gallwey, Myles Downey, John Whitmore, Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Philip Sandahl and Julie Starr.
    Brad’s experience spans a broad spectrum of industries and roles, including:
    ? Driving and managing technology adoption within corporate environments.
    ? Designing and delivering IT solutions for small and medium enterprises.
    ? Establishing, selling and delivering technology consulting services to medium and large enterprises.
    ? Facilitating agile based web software development for a multinational education publisher.
    Brad is a diligent, supportive, and creative character. He excels at encouraging peak performance through coaching and mentoring, having worked with leaders in various roles and industries including:
    ? Medical devices / Healthcare
    ? Retail
    ? Legal
    ? Software development
    ? Not For Profit / Charity
    ? Technology
    ? Childcare
    ? Consultancy
    ? Architecture and Design
    ? Travel
    Brad’s aim is to help individuals make significant and beneficial changes to their situations, be it personal or professional, so that they continue to grow levels of fulfilment and enjoyment in their role, cohesion within the team, and meaning and value for their organisations.

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