Aidan Magner- Managing Director, Simple Supply Solutions Ltd.

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    Presentation Title:

    Event Driven Cost Reduction: Proven methodology to maintain and protect profit margins under the pressure of continuous price erosion.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Customers negotiate prices downwards. Competition drive prices downwards. One of the fundamentals of sales is that there is sell price erosion over time. Traditionally supply chain operations had to react to this, slashing headcount, burning suppliers, holding payment on invoices and generally bullying the extended supply chain, if you were lucky enough.
    More typically, we took a low or even negative margin book of business “for the greater good” and hoped to “ride out this storm”
    Event Driven Cost Reduction is a proven strategy to realign the supply chain so that everyone puts the customer first. The premise of the event driven cost reduction is that we are planning to roll cost reductions out to our customers at regular periods over the life of the product. By mapping the sell price erosion and the margin that we are looking to protect, we then know what the cost of goods sold profile needs to be over the life cycle of the product.
    By strategically and surgically planning “events”; cost negotiations with suppliers, six sigma initiatives, inventory depletions, product redesigns, outsourcing initiatives etc., we can set up a cause and effect relationship between supply chain events and sell price erosion, while MAINTAINING gross margins.
    The Simple Supply Solution roadmap will look at mapping the voice of the business (Margin) with the voice of the customer (Sell Price Erosion) with the tactical actions with supply chain operations (cost reduction events) to ensure a demand driven solution for the customer.

    Speaker Bio:

    Aidan Magner is the founder and principal consultant at Simple Supply Solutions Limited. With over 20 years’ experience Aidan has accrued extensive knowledge in merging the disciplines of Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain management. As Managing Director and Principal Consultant with Simple Supply Solutions Aidan guides companies in Lean & Six Sigma methodologies and in Supply Chain alignment. Prior to setting up Simple Supply Solutions Aidan held various global positions in the high tech multinational sector, including Global Continuous Improvement Director, Global Sourcing & Operations Director, Supply Chain Manager and Six Sigma Projects Manager. Aidan is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and holds a Masters in Supply Chain Management.

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