Adrian Gundy- Supply Chain, Business Growth & Organisational Development

    • Adrian Gundy- Supply Chain, Business Growth & Organisational Development's presentations

    Adrian joined the Centre for Competitiveness Ireland in 1999 where he is the Senior Executive for Innovation and Supply Chain Development., and leads the Centre’s aerospace team on the island of Ireland. Adrian has a deep understanding of innovation and supply chain management, and considerable experience in applying innovation and LEAN to drive Competitive Advantage in companies and organisations from a range of sectors. He manages the Centre’s strategic partnership with ADS UK (Aerospace, Defence, Security & Space) in Ireland. ADS UK is an 800+ manufacturing and service company sector network to promote the aerospace supply chain on behalf of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) such as Bombardier, B/E, Thales and Airbus. He is responsible for the delivery of the SC21 program, the ADS approach to building the aerospace sector’s supply chain capability.


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