Dermot Connolly, Head of European Business Development,- Exertis SCS

    • Dermot Connolly, Head of European Business Development,- Exertis SCS's presentations

    Dermot has over 15 years’ experience in Global Supply Chain analysis,  design and implementation and has delivered and managed global solutions for such accounts as

    Beko, Belkin, Schneider Electric, Sun Micro, Lucent Alcatel, BT and NCR.

    Dermot’s experience of working in California, Poland , UK and China has provided a unique insight into the global supply chain requirements and challenges faced by companies  in these regions and has also helped develop the solutions required to address these challenges


    – Presentation Title : “Have you too much cash tied up on your Supply Chain”


    – Presentation Synopsis : Todays markets and customers are placing increasing demands on our Supply Chains resulting in excess capital being tied up in our supply chains and also in slow moving /  E&O stock. What steps can we take to improve this situation and leverage the capabilities of proven experts to release / redirect this cash and still ensure a quality service to your customers



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