Nimbus Centre

The Nimbus Centre is devoted to the field of embedded electronic systems. Embedded systems are the electronics controlling our cars, appliances and a rapidly increasing number of everyday items. Wirelessly connecting and controlling these items is known as the ‘Internet of Things’. Nimbus is Ireland’s largest research centre dedicated to the Internet of Things. Nimbus has 4 divisions: Research, Learning, Industry and Trialling.

Nimbus’ Industry division is known as the TEC Gateway. The TEC Gateway works extensively with companies who have requirements for ICT innovation, particularly in embedded systems.
Our clients use the TEC Gateway to develop product prototypes that facilitate the next level of funding for their business, support large scale research projects and to demonstrate their concepts in tangible form.

Litmus, Nimbus’ Trialling division, is a public facility that develops, tests, trials and demonstrates applications, products and services. It includes three test-bed areas; Energy, Water, and Community. Litmus assesses proposed trials and can provide funding support, with recent funding success from the EU, Horizon 2020, SEAI, EI, IERC and SFI. Litmus has special expertise in assisting Smart City and ‘Internet of Things’ solutions.

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