Intact Software

Intact Software develop accounting, business management & ERP software for the wholesale, distribution, supply chain & light manufacturing industries.
Intact iQ, our latest .Net product, not only offers a comprehensive range of features & functionality, it also includes a fully integrated Job Costing module. Key to Intact iQ is that all elements work seamlessly together because they share the same master database and application design. Unique to Intact iQ is the ease of customisation of business rules and processes to cater for your business nuances. It’s all about what you want to do and the way you want to do it.
While we do not cater for full blown MRP and manufacturing environment, Intact iQ provides…
On screen real-time information
Material requirements creation & planning
Live work-in-progress values & analysis
Live stock/inventory information
Tracking of actual costs, projected/committed costs to BOMs
Automated reporting and workflow
Control by role or user and more

“The biggest advantage to Intact iQ is the quick access to very meaningful data. I truly believe it is this information that will enable us to react faster, win more sales and help us grow our business.”
Paul Hennessy, MD Northwood Technology

If you’re not getting the information you need to efficiently run your business then why not drop by our stand at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition to see how Intact iQ can help you react faster to grow your business.

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