Fuchs Lubricants (UK) plc

Fuchs Lubricants PLC is the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer. We provide innovative lubricant solutions and services, designed to keep your assets in optimum condition and operating at maximum efficiency. We research, develop and manufacture lubricants which are approved by leading OEM’s including, Food Grade Lubricants (Cassida Gera & Hydraulic Oils, Greases and Aerosols), Biodegradable Fluids, Engine oils, Greases, Hydraulic Oils and more.

Fuchs was founded in Germany in 1931 and is still a family controlled company – 53% of shares are held by the Fuchs family. Fuchs operates to the highest international standards, with manufacturing facilities in 34 countries.

The most modern Food Grade Lubricants Production Plant in the world is located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, where the plant is 100% dedicated to the production for food grade products. This eliminates any possibility of contamination from non-food grade products. There is a comprehensive range of Greases, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Compressor and Vacuum Pump Oils within the Cassida Portfolio, all of which are widely used in the Pharma/Food manufacturing industries in Ireland.

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