Launched in late 2015, FORCAM FORCE™ is an Industry 4.0 software to improve productivity on industrial shop floors. Based on 15 years of German manufacturing know how, this latest version of FORCAM’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) was born in the German automotive sector. FORCAM FORCE™ collects shop floor data and integrates this with the business planning system to highlight process improvements and optimise manufacturing. Using Production Data Management / DNC can guarantee process integrity, transmit and version production data from PLM systems without risk of human interference and traceability functions can help ensure product quality is seamlessly documented, thereby securing the company against product recalls. The solution ensures substantial savings in production facilities, best return on capital investment for new assets and higher resource efficiency.

FORCAM is rapidly growing in the UK & Ireland: Aside from projects in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, FORCAM is also expanding to the Irish medical device industry. Headed up from the Warwickshire office in Rugby, the UK office is responsible for operations and projects across the UK and Ireland, as well as the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia and Scandinavia


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