Celestica Ireland Ltd

As our customers look for opportunity in a world of rapid change and technology disruption, they trust us to deliver the most advanced design, engineering and manufacturing expertise for their highly sophisticated and complex products. From advanced medical devices, to highly engineered aviation systems, to next-generation hardware solutions for the Cloud, at Celestica we manage the complexity for our customers and set the bar for quality and reliability in their markets.

Through our technology, automation and engineering expertise across our global operations we bring speed, flexibility and insight to ensure their products get to market quickly and successfully.

And, our customers can rely on us to always look forward. We will ask the right questions, uncover opportunities and innovate to ensure their products are ahead of the competition.

For more information on how we manage complexity, please visit our services.

For more information on our expertise across a wide range of industries, please visit our markets.

Website: https://www.celestica.com/home

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