Baylis Medical

Baylis Medical Company is a leading supplier of high-technology cardiology, endovascular and oncology products.

Our Radio Frequency Puncture System is the world’s leading technology when it comes to creating controlled perforations in cardiac and vascular tissues. It is now the recognized worldwide gold standard for treating this disease. Adult interventional cardiologists use the NRG® RF Transseptal Needle to create safe and controlled transseptal punctures.

Interventional radiologists use the Radiofrequency Puncture System in combination with the RF PowerWire™ guidewire to re-canalize occluded arteries.

In addition to our development efforts, Baylis Medical has a long history of importing and distributing products into the Canadian market. The company represents numerous manufacturers of cardiology, pain management, and radiology products in Canada. Baylis Medical enjoys an excellent reputation with the medical community. This reputation has been built on our commitment to offering state-of-the-art products along with exceptional service to all our customers.

Baylis Medical operates with an ISO 13485:2003 compliant quality system.

Visit their website below:

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