Advanced Pneumatic Technology Ltd

With 27-years of service to the Hospital, Food Manufacturer, Clinics, Industry, Logistics, etc. A. P. T. Ltd is proud to add MLR AGV’s (Automatic Guided Vehicles) to our offering.

We now supply, install and support transfer systems to carry weights from 10-Grams to 10-Tons.

Our Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System is available from 63mm diameter to 315mm and carry weights up to 5Kg, over incredible distances.

Paperwork, specimens, food samples, components, laboratory tests, sealants or anything that fits into the tube. “Move it with Pneumatics”

MLR is a world leader in AGV technology and their vehicles are now available in Ireland. Quality programming software allows free moving vehicles transverse hospital corridors, warehouses and external areas to move goods and materials to support manufacturing, logistics and service. MLR vehicles can be seen in the world’s finest hospitals delivering lunch, collecting laundry and delivering supplies. MLR supports automobile manufacturing by BMW, another world leader. In addition MLR vehicles can be quietly working in the smallest to the largest facility supporting various activities and creating efficiencies.

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